General questions

Q: How can I become an investor in the company?
A: To be able to invest directly in the company's activities, the client needs to register on our site After registration he will automatically be assigned the status of an investor.
Q: Are everyone allowed to register?
A: Yes, but before registering, we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with Terms and conditions .
Q: What does the registration process consist of?
A: After clicking on the registration button, you must fill out a short questionnaire form indicating personal data. You can specify more complete information about yourself via the settings section in the dashboard.
Q: Can I enter someone else's or invented data about myself?
A: In order to prevent possible incidents and disagreements, please provide only reliable information. In some cases, we ask for documentary evidence that the provided data is real.
Q: Can I create multiple accounts if I wish?
A: No, this is prohibited by the . Violation of this clause is punishable by blocking identified multi-accounts and accounts. Company Rules
Q: Do you work on weekends and holidays?
A: Yes, the company's website is available all time, on weekends, holidays and without interruptions.
Q: How to get started?
A: After registering and logging into the site under your username, check out the proposed investment plans that we offer.
Q: When to expect the first dividends to be credited?
A: The company calculates profit within a hour after the tariff plan is activated.

Guarantees and security

Q: Can I not worry about the safety of my data, providing them during the registration process?
A: Our site is equipped with an international SSL certificate and SSL encryption, so information is transmitted over reliable secure channels and isn't transmitted to anyone.
Q: What are you doing to protect your site from possible DDOS attacks?
A: We use innovative software resources to protect the site from hacker attacks.

Financial information

Q: How do I make a deposit to the site?
A: Use the services of one of the electronic payment systems that our company works with.
Q: Where can I find a list of available payment systems?
A: The list of payment systems from where money is entered to the site and where funds are withdrawn from our site is available for review on the main page.
Q: What amounts are allowed to be deposited?
A: Starting at $0,1
Q: How quickly is money transferred from payment system to my account balance?
A: This often happens within minutes.
Q: Are there any delays in depositing money?
A: It depends on the peculiarities of the operation of the payment system you are using. When making a deposit from cryptocurrencies, it can take a little more time to pass a certain amount of network confirmation.
Q: When can I withdraw the received dividends?
A: If you have already received the first dividends on your balance, you can immediately withdraw them if this amount is equal to or greater than ฿0.0003.
Q: What is the commission for depositing and withdrawing money from the site?
A: We (unlike the payment system you use) do not charge any fees for financial transactions, excluding fee for returning the deposit.
Q: Can I replenish my account balance using one payment system, and withdraw the received dividends to the wallet of another electronic payment system?
A: No, in order to ensure the safety of financial transactions, the Company Rules provide for the possibility of an investor working only with one pre-selected payment system.
Q: How long will it take from submitting an application for withdrawal to crediting funds to the payment system wallet?
A: Often, the transfer of funds is carried out by our employees within a few seconds hours after receiving the corresponding request. The maximum period is 24 hours.
Q: Can I return my deposit ?
A: Pricipal include profit
Q: How many deposits can I make?
A: The number of deposits is not limited. When you create a new deposit or reinvest for the same payment system, the deposits is combine.
Q: Does the conversion to the dollar on payment systems works for
A: No, each payment system works independently.

Affiliate Program Terms

Q: Can I earn money by attracting new investors to the company?
A: Yes, our company has developed an affiliate program, in which every registered user of this site can take part.
Q: How does your affiliate program work?
A: The afiliate program provides referral comissions from your partner's daily income up to 4 referral lines. The work of the affiliate program doesn't apply on bonus deposits.
Q: How often will I receive referral commission?
A: You will receive referral commission indefinitely as long as your referrals have active deposits. Referral commissions occur every day, immediately after your referral receives the deposit income accrual.
Q: Are only investors becoming your partners?
A: Yes, to participate in the affiliate program, you should have an active deposit on any payment system. Once you will withdraw all your deposits, the affiliate program stops work.
Q: Is it necessary to obtain a qualification or special status to earn money on your company's affiliate program?
A: No, all you need in such a situation is to register on the site and use your referral link for advertising purposes.
Q: Does the procedure for withdrawing partner money differ from the procedure for withdrawing investor dividends?
A: No, the withdrawal rules are the same, regardless of the sources of income in cooperation with the company.

Legal information

Q: Who manages the company?
A: This information is not publicly available for security reasons.
Q: Where is your company registered?
A: The LIMITED company is officially registered in the territory of Greate Britan. Registration legal information is publicly available on the registration office website.
Q: Can you document the legitimacy of your activities?
A: Documents that certify the legality of the company's work on the cryptocurrency market are posted in electronic format on the corresponding page of our website.
Q: What does your company do?
A: Our company pays special attention to the development of effective trading strategies, as well as risk diversification (trading multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously). Thanks to this approach, it's possible to achieve rapid growth in income, as well as maintain an excellent reputation for the stable attraction of external investment capital.

More Answers

Q: Where can I get advice on issues not covered in this section?
A: Contact our site's online support service .